They have got to be the most racist, intollerant, judgmental republicans ive ever known. For example, i was in the car with my granma (a southern baptist) a few months ago and she was listening to Sean Hannidy on the radio. He was sayin something about a black panthers rally and i heard my granma say to herself "why dont they just get over it already". And i almost slapped that bitch. Get over it already? First we took them from their homes and made them work our land for us, then even when they were free some people still made them work while others commited numerous hate crimes and lynched many african american people. Then they made lynching illegal but people still did it. And while all thats going on theres also segregation not just in cities, towns, and buildings, but even in the military where anyone who is their is willing to loose their life for the country they live in. And it still wasnt over when they got rid of segregation in the military. There were "whites only" diners, water fountains, bathrooms, schools, neighborhoods, jobs, and damn near everything else. Police brutality was around every corner. Blasting an african american man with a fire hose just for drinking from a "whites only" water fountain. Beating a man an inch from death just for looking at a white woman. The Rodney king trials were in the 90s, and not that long ago a white officer killed a black teenager and got away with it. And she said "why dont they just get over it already". Get over what? Whats still happening since the white man stole them? The white man should be the one getting over this constant flow of racism and open their eyes already. I remember a couple years ago i had to go to her church and everyone there was a white republican. Everything they said sounded like they think their better than everyone else. The bible is a major part in their religion but why the hell do they read (or pretend to read) and worship a book when they dont even follow its basic principles and morals. In the bible it says things like, "help those in need, give charity, feed the hungry, help the poor, be kind to others, and to love your neighbor". Yet every chance these people get to do one of these things, they completely avoid it. During winter time when the do their shopping at walmart they go through the side doors and go out of their way just so they dont have to give to the salvation army. Even in the church only a handful of them actually give an offering and its only pocket change. They see homeless on the street and turn up the radio and look forward to pretend they dont see them. They see people walking down the road sweaty from head to toe knowing they probably still have a long way to go, but they dont offer a ride and just keep driving. For all they know that person could die from dehydration in a matter of minutes. My point is that if their going to practice a religion they should follow it to. Im athiest, so quite frankly i dont care either way but even i help when i can.
~Sgt. Pepper
2/22/2013 02:22:56 am

I hope your scared of me because I exist just to scare you into believing the bible of bull ****.

If i was god i wouldn't send sombody to hell because of not believing in me. Religion is set up to give people false hope and keep them from doing crazy things, and its also a buisness to trick people out of their money.

Suck It Chirstians!


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