Almost as judgemental as baptists. First of all, i have a question for these so called "followers of god".. Why the hell do yall hate weed so much? If you beleive that "god" created everything and everyone on this green earth for a reason, then what do you think his reason for this plant was? 
1) its all natural, no added chemicals or other things.
2) natural pain releiver and even helps with some cancer cases.
3) dont knock it till you try it.
Lets say that your walking down a road. You step on like 5 bugs and you crush a flower and just keep walking because your mind is swarming with worries and problems and stress. Now lets say your walking down that same road high. You walk slower, calmer, relaxed, you have a clear mind to actually think. You actually look and observe the beauty of nature. What if your "god's plan" for this plant was that the human race can see the true divinity that is the world. Humans have a natural instinct to want to be godlike. We are masters of almost every terrain. The sky, the oceans, the land, the mountains, and even space. But part of being godlike is to see the world how a "god" would. To see it for its beauty and true value. Weed is not a hallucinogenic drug. It is a plant that helps you focus, and truley observe and think about things clearly. Its like seeing through the eyes of the "gods" or in other words seeing the world clearly and how it really is. But lets be honest, does this "god" really exist? To me the bible is a book of folk tales. The bible itself is so contradicting. There was this one story in the bible where "god" is just a dick. Apparently the "devil" bet "god" that this one guy with a farm, a wife, and a lot of kids, wouldn't love "god" as much as he did then if he lost everything. So "god" takes the bet. For one, why the hell is "god" gambling when the bible says you shouldnt? And another thing is that "god" is just falling into the "devils" "evil" plan by causing a plague, killing, and destroying everything that man had just to prove a point. Ok, point taken.... "god" is a bipolar sociopath who would cause chaos and destruction just because of his gambling addiction. Thats the guy yall worship? Open your eyes and actually read the shit they put in that book of nonsense. Read it over and over and actually think about it. Think about the logical posibility. Also think about how it was back then. Nobody was educated. If you could go back in time and do a few magic tricks they'll think your the son of "god" too. Think about why we don't see anything he does now. Why was "god" only doing things in the past? where is he now? Even if he does exist, (which i higly doubt he does) he abandoned this planet and its horrible people a long time ago. This is probably not the last time i'm posting about christians. I still have a lot to say about them, but this one post would be a book if i typed everything.
~Sgt. Pepper
2/28/2013 02:11:04 am

I am real but im not who you think I am. Im go to klein collins with all of you!!!! XD

3/1/2013 03:27:27 am

"Im go to klein collins"? haha nice grammar dumbass

jew killer
3/4/2013 02:34:54 am

i belive the runner of all this is a dirty jew in coach laws class who supplies some name brand shit.

3/4/2013 02:56:48 am

name brand will take it all bro. im gonna bring down the america as you know and "love" it


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