1) Shoplifting
    Theres plenty of ways to make cash by shoplifting, you just gotta find the right places. Like at Kohls, just go there with a pair of scissors to cut off the security sensor on the clothes you wanna steal. The just drive down the road with the clothes to another kohls and tell them you want to return them. Kohls doesnt ask for a receipt for returns, so this makes it much easier. You can also go to walmart. For this one you need to be 18 or know someone who is with a valid ID. Back in the electronic section of walmart, in the game isle, they keep numerous games out of the locked glass and on shelves. Some of these have a security box on them, but grab the ones without it. Also look around for those paper envelope CD case things and steal some of those to put the games in and then you leave the cases behind. After you have takin the games out of their case, put them innto the paper CD holders, and you have hidden them on you, walk out of the walmart. Also make sure that the disc does not have a security strip on it. If it does, just peel it off and rub the part of the disc it was stuck to on your shirt to de-magnatize it. To be less suspicious, you should buy something on your way out, like a drink or chips. Next, go to a gamestop or just any game store that buys games. This is where you need the 18 year old. Have whoever it is with the ID go inside to sell the games. If the place you are wanting to seel them at is right next to the walmart you steal them from, go somewhere else you dumbass. If its the walmart and gamestop right by each other on 2920, dont do it. You can steal from that walmart then go to the gamestop by the best buy at 45, or steal from the walmart on 45 and sell to the gamestop on 2920. I dont care how you do it, but if you get caught don't mention this site.
2) Pawn Shops
A good way to make better money, is to go yard hopping. You can go from backyard to backyard when people are working and then just take grills, chairs, whatever you can find that you think is worth at least $10 (best day for this is a tuesday between the times of 12:00PM and 2:00PM). Once you have what you want, get someone 18 to go with you to Montgomery (head north on 45 and pass conroe). Sell the items at a pawn shop up there. Make sure they don't look exactly like they did when you took them. change the paint, put burn marks on chairs so you can say you know its yours cause you put cigerettes out on it or something just in case they ever accuse you of stealing it. If the grill has a number or some shit on it you can scratch it off and sell it to a friend or something so it wouldnt be in the pawn shop system.  They look for scratched off numbers. You can also just go in garage and grab stuff you never use. Tools usually sell good at pawn shops. Grab shovels, rakes, wrenches, axes, saws, an entire toolbox with stuff in it, whatever. (also look for tools and shit while yard hopping)
3) Be a man for hire
You'll be suprised how many poeple will pay you just to fuck with someone. Hell, some guy gave me $50 last week just for slashing some kids tire. You just gotta get your name out there and people will come to you. WARNING: Don't use your actual name. Some people will pay you to vandalize shit, break into houses, jump people, you can get paid for doing just about anything these days. Just make sure no one that hires you knows your real name, make sure the people you jump don't see your face, be careful breakin in to places(I will post easy ways to break into houses later on), be constantly paranoid. Being paranoid makes you over think things. This is a good thing in this case, because when you overthink you think about things that you wouldnt have thought of. Like ways to escape, how to not leave a trace, etc. Be sure they offer a very reasonable amount for the job at hand. The prices ar up to you. Also, even during a job where you gotta break into a house or something, you can steal some shit for you that you want or want to sell unless the employer tells you otherwise.
More on this subject coming soon.
phillip bishop
7/6/2017 10:18:11 pm

Dont shit in your own backyard. Do things by yourself and keep your mouth shut. Make it a point to vary your mo often. Follow these steps and you are far less likely to spend time in your local Cross Bar Hotel.


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